Meet Chef Bev

Zansi means 'South'. A Southern African girl trained by the best chefs in England and Scotland, Chef Bev infuses traditional African influence into classic European recipes to produce the most heavenly cakes and dishes. Her unique style has been appreciated by foodies from all over and Bev is excited to bake for you.

Chef Bev loves to search the world for ideas to help develop custom menus for event catering. Bev is also a Hospitality and Tourism graduate, and she pulls her knowledge and experience from this program into her craft of baking as well. A cake is not “just a cake” when Bev bakes it. A cake is a thoughtfully designed, valuable component to close out a delicious meal or to wow a crowd at an event. Chef Bev thinks far beyond flour and sugar, and considers the message you want your cakes and other desserts to send to your guests. 

Her one true and constant love is chocolate. Her signature toe curling chocolate cake is to die for. You're certainly not advised to try it in public or with shoes on.